Day 1-7 - The Future

Another year has gone by and it’s time to pickup where I left off ... or do I?

My original intent was to complete this game in RPG Maker, but as the years have gone on that engine has evolved into XXXXX and to be honest, my skills with Unity surpasses anything I can do in RPG Maker.

But what do I do now? What is to happen with the 3 chapters I’ve already completed. It dawned on me — I’ll make a front end loader in Unity that will allow the user to choose to play the first 3 chapters and then to play the latest chapters built in Unity.

Sounds like a plan.

Day 28 - And now the time is ...

It's almost the end of November, so I'm taking the time tonight to capture the footage for the trailer that I'll release/make on the last day.

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