Day 24 - Trans-Area Finished

This morning I got up early and put the finishing touches on the Trans-Area map. It's looking good and I'm pretty much ready to move onto the next map - the only thing that's not working is the walking NPCs, I can't get them to trigger an event when the player interacts with them. The two hostess, who are stationery, have no problem working, it's just the walking ones.

I think that's an issue for another day but for now ... on to the next level.

Day 22-23 - More Client Work

It's been a big push (or is that movement ?) trying to get everything ready for these other projects I have to launch, so unfortunately, no work on TMC yet. 

Day 21 - In Hospital ...

Had to spend the day in Hospital today ... so didn't get any work on TMC done, though I started to outline what to do next, so I can just jump right in and smash it out. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 8-20 - Client Work

Unfortunately, this year's TMC-fest has been a write-off. I have two iOS apps that are due to be released and required immediate attention.

Someday soon I hope to work on TMC ...

Day 5-7

Ugggh ... sick. Not again. 

Day 4 - Cupless and Intro Fixes

Today is Melbourne Cup and traditionally in Australia it is known as "the race that stops the nation." At my old job, this was better than Xmas. It was the only day you went to work and never really worked just ate and drank all day and then had a big chicken lunch and prawns ... the prawns. Followed by more drinking and punting on the TAB.

Where I now work, it's pretty much like every other day, except you get to have a $5 lunch either steak or chicken on a roll and some slaw. You get a free cheap local beer and a small pavlova. It's definitely value for money ... but let's just leave it at that. I didn't even put any bets on or even heard about any sweepstakes.

Still, I found some downtime to look into the Intro issues and using Transparency, I've managed to fix the character showing during the Intro. Still no fix on the skipping - I myself, might have to "skip" that til later.

System Setting via Database (F9)

I guess you could call that a little spoiler in that the in-game currency unit in the world is Credits (CR).

Also you need to add this event anywhere on the map when you want the character to show:-

Day 3 - Intro Woes

I thought I'd put the finishing touches on the Intro screen today. It shouldn't be too hard, I just want a background with scrolling text accompanied to the background music (BGM) and the ability to skip.

The background image and music were easy to hook up, along with the text scrolling using one of the in-built functions. Unfortunately, I hit a snag - you can't skip the scene. All the usual buttons or keys that you would press, don't skip the text, they just increase the scroll speed.

I have two options - 1) write my own scrolling text function or 2) increase the scroll speed up to a point where it's so fast, it just displays all the text - then I can add a label to say continue.

Day 2 - Kicked off with Fixes

I managed to clean up the intro so it flows a little better and added two of the soundtracks items; David Schombert - Metropolis and Rescio - Slowly Wake Up. Unfortunately, they wouldn't play as MP3, but when converted to OGG format, they seemed to work most of the time.

The first section is pretty much complete. I found a few areas where the character can walk when he is not suppose to and I have to add scripting to the enemy AI when they capture you. At present, nothing happens - need to fix that. Then everything up to the Trans-Area is complete.

Speaking of the Trans-Area, that will need a little bit of work. There are fixes required for walkable tiles and the map might need slight altering.

All in all, not a bad start to the project.

Editor Screenshot of HQ Lab 172

Day 1 - Gameplan

First things first, about a month ago, I upgraded my PC. Not only the hardware, but I also went from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1.

Here was the problem, as RPGVXAce saves into your Documents folder by default, I had to get my old drive working in a new machine, so I could access it (I tried to reown the files when it was in a caddy but that didn't work).

Now, I have the files, I fired up the project to make sure it still started ... *fingers crossed* ... we have success. I then started to make a list of the things I need to address and fix.

Day 0 - Year 2

Here we are on Day 0 - Year 2 ... the night before I get stuck in. So, what am I doing again ?

The Mandrel Consortium was a novel I wrote two years during NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I didn't complete the task, however, I did end up with a sci-fi, dystopian novel that even when I was writing it, I kept imagining certain moments of the story as a video game.

Every November instead of participating in NaNoWriMo, I work on turning my novel into a top-down RPG game and post everyday during November.

30 days, 30 updates. Let the games begin.

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