Day 28 - And now the time is ...

It's almost the end of November, so I'm taking the time tonight to capture the footage for the trailer that I'll release/make on the last day.

The Mandrel Consortium

Day 27 - Additional Dialog

I went back and fixed / added additional dialog sections to the first level as part of my review of the project.

Additional Dialog

Day 26 - Boardgaming

It rained all day today ... luckily my friend came around and we played Karmaka and Paperback, along with some video games.

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Day 25 - Background Hunting

Not much tonight since it's a Friday and all that. I just did some background hunting for the early levels and later ones, as it turned out.

Some nice free artwork out there.

New Backgrounds

Day 24 - Competitive MWO

Yeah ... nothing to report on the game as I spent all night playing competitive Mechwarrior Online with my unit OMC. Let me tell you, competitive is a whole new ball game.

Probably good to have a break ... only 5 days to go from tomorrow.

Day 23 - What's the deal ?

More tweaks with the final scene in Chapter 2.

What's the deal ?

Day 22 - (Mostly) Finished Up

Today, I (mostly) finished up the event at Love n Sprockets, that happens in Chapter 2. I also made the avatar for the security guard about 3 years ago and I think it looks a little stale. Might fix that later ...

(Mostly) Finished Up

Day 21 - Day Off

Yeah yeah ... I've been dropping with my new clan - OMC in MechWarrior Online, so no time tonight.

Day 20 - Myers Skelton

Second in charge, Myers Skelton is seen for the first time. Having been introduced in the first chapter, this was the best I could come up with using the built-in character generator.

I might revise it when it comes to launch, but for now, here he is.

Myers Skelton

Day 17-19 - Playtest and Revision

So, over the last couple of days I went back to the beginning and did a play through of the entire game, checking out all the various events and ended up coming up with a list of things that need to either be added or fixed.

Here's that list below:-

Day 16 - MWO LineBacker

Okay ... another day of no progress, but I have an excuse ...

The mech I preordered 3 months ago for MechWarrior Online was released today, so naturally, I had to check it out.

Day 15 - Real Life

Real life got in the way of working on the project today ... so I'm not going to stress about it and call it another day off.

I've been pretty happy with the progress so far, with almost completing Chapter 2.

Day 14 - Did someone call for Security ?

Here we have the club scene, where the Tach Ops have shown up.


Day 13 - VIP Room Scripted

The event that takes place in the VIP Room has now been scripted out and is working. Now to move on to the next sub-chapter - Scene of the Crime.

VIP Room Scripted

Day 12 - Club Music

I added more polish to the game by taking the time to find some suitable music for the Love and Sprockets club area.

Here's one of these tracks, which plays upon your entrance.

Loading ...

Music: Circuit Shaker - Elektron Acid

Day 11 - Day Off

Been feeling a little under the weather plus it's been hot as lately, I decided to have a break this Friday night and play some games instead.

More tomorrow ...

Day 10 - VIP Room Setup

The VIP Room is now mostly setup for the next scripted event. There are two other NPCs I need to work on and add before I do the majority of scripting.

Here's a shot of the VIP Room with our protagonist.

VIP Room Setup

Day 9 - Downstairs Revisited

I decided to go back and add some book text via a bunch of events, an NPC from the book called Janice, along with her scripted events and other events that take place only if you visited other rooms in a certain order ...

Downstairs Revisited

Day 8 - Scrolling Dialog

Today I get to show off something new I've workflowed and that's a good way to integrate text from the novel, right into the game.

I tint the background and add a layer of scrolling text. It looks and works really well, so here's a screenshot of what it looks like in the VIP Room.

Scrolling Dialog

Day 7 - Downstairs

Well, Love and Sprockets now has a downstairs area (partially complete) as per the book. I tried to capture as much of the feel, along with incorporating design from the intial L&S level.

Here the player will see more text from the book, along with triggering off the next event. So, it's a must visit area.


Day 6 - VIP Room

Today I got the VIP Room from Love and Sprockets completed. This is huge, as the next scripted event takes place in this area.

We have 3 working girl NPCs, along with Bryan the magnificent (you'll find out why when you play the game).

Gerald, the dealer of drugs and information, has also been added. He provides some back story (text from the book), before the event occurs. I don't want to go into too many details; there has to be some secrets right?

VIP Room

Day 5 - Upstairs NPCs

Here's some more of the NPCs you can interact with in the Upstairs area of Love and Sprockets.

Say hello to one of the working girls ...


... or one of the customers ...


Day 4 - Upstairs

This morning I woke up early and started working on the upstairs section of Love and Sprockets. I also scripted a bunch of events for NPCs you can interact with.

Love and Sprockets with NPCs

Here's the random guy on the dancefloor, who says random things when you bump into him.

Love and Sprockets with NPCs

Day 3 - Meet Candy

I worked on tweaking the nightclub, so it looks a lot better than before by adding a bunch of NPCs for the couches, whom you can interact with. Basically, they say snarky things :)

Love and Sprockets with NPCs

Also, say hello to our new main character introduced in Chapter 2 - nightclub waitress Candy. You begin this level as her rather than the Old Man.


Day 2 - Love and Sprockets

This morning I worked on getting the first level of the nightclub from Chapter 2, Love and Sprockets, up and running. It has a stark white design with chairs and stages. I've also added 3 NPCs so far, a DJ and two female dancers.

I'm not 100% happy with the floor, I might make it a little duller.

Love and Sprockets

Day 1 - Back to it

It's been a year since I touched or even looked at this game and along the way I've made a bunch of games for fun and for gamejams.

Tonight, I'll take a look at the gameplan for this month. It would be nice to get a few more levels completed.

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