Day 30 - The End ... ?

Q. So, is this the end ?
A. Not likely.

Q. Did I finish the game in the 30 days that were alloted ?
A. No.

Q. Was I planning to ?
A. Not at all. I just wanted to make a nice dent in the project and I believe I did just that.

Q. So, what did you accomplish then ?
A. Here's the list of the game assets:-

+ Two Levels - Dr Holleran's Lab including corridors and lift area and Trans-Area
+ Intro and after level 1 text-based cutscenes with dialog from the book
+ 8 NPCs, most can be interacted with
+ 2 sound effects
+ 6-8 aural soundscape music tracks

Not only this, but I learned a lot about the RPG Maker Ace VX engine and how to perform various tricks.

Q. Where to from here ?
A. I'm looking forward to delving into some more on my Christmas holidays in a few weeks time. Watch this space.

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