Day 2 - Kicked off with Fixes

I managed to clean up the intro so it flows a little better and added two of the soundtracks items; David Schombert - Metropolis and Rescio - Slowly Wake Up. Unfortunately, they wouldn't play as MP3, but when converted to OGG format, they seemed to work most of the time.

The first section is pretty much complete. I found a few areas where the character can walk when he is not suppose to and I have to add scripting to the enemy AI when they capture you. At present, nothing happens - need to fix that. Then everything up to the Trans-Area is complete.

Speaking of the Trans-Area, that will need a little bit of work. There are fixes required for walkable tiles and the map might need slight altering.

All in all, not a bad start to the project.

Editor Screenshot of HQ Lab 172

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